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Good food makes sense, although it can be expensive. But with a bit of planning and some awesome recipes you can make it happen for under £1 per head. 

Firstly, you need some recipes that you like.  We love the Thrifty Lesley website for all kinds of tasty recipes that cost less than £1. Some of our favs are fancy egg on toast, cinema raison bread and cheesy jacket spuds.

Secondly, you need a bit of a plan. Sunday is a good time to write down what meals you’re going to have during the week. One of the biggest expenses in a weekly food budget is waste. So having a rough meal plan means that if you’re buying a packet of spuds you’ll be able to use them for more than one meal.

If you’ve got a smart phone there are loads of apps to help you plan your meals and even generate a shopping list. One such app is ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ – its even available in Welsh.

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Finally, try to make sure you’re buying things at a good price. The local shop or garage is usually more expensive than supermarkets. A quick scan at MoneySavingExperts supermarket coupons will get you clued up on what’s going cheap this week.

And then there are always the marked downs. We love a good ‘Whoopsie’,  but do check the dates, as often it has to be eaten the same day.

Finding recipes, writing a plan and going round the supermarket bargain hunting can take a while at first. But you’ll soon speed up once you’re on a roll with it. And, face it what’s more important than grub?

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