The PHASE Guide to Christmas Shopping on a Budget!

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Whether you are young or old, for many of us, Christmas day is a day of the year that we look forward to more than any other. We all have different plans for Christmas; it could be seeing family, friends or even having a relaxing day on the sofa! One thing we can all agree on though, it costs money!

Christmas is a time when we all want to be generous and thoughtful for the people we care about. But it doesn’t have to break the bank! There are many ways we can look after the pennies when shopping for gifts over the Christmas period without making obvious cuts.

So here are a few good tips on how to save a few quid over the festive season!

  1. Online Discount Codes. Shopping online is more popular than ever, it saves time, and usually saves money. One handy tip when shopping online is to look for a discount code before you purchase your product. More often than not there is a discount code out there for you! Use a search engine and type in the website name, the words ‘discount code’ and the current month and year. Sometimes you can even use more than one discount code at once!
  2. Think outside the box. Not all Christmas presents require lots of money and endless shopping! Some of the most thoughtful gifts are personalised gifts that can be made at home. This can be anything from a framed photograph to a pot of homemade jam! People will always appreciate a gift that has taken time and thought to make. There are many great ideas online if you need some inspiration. Buzzfeed has some fantastic personal gift idea’s Enjoy!
  3. Use the Charity Shops. Charity shops are a perfect outlet to buy a wide range of gifts this Christmas. Many items in charity shops are still brand new and in the box. Charity shops are the place to find gems like rare tea sets, vintage clothing and even jewellery all for a fraction of the RRP. The best thing about shopping at a charity shop this Christmas is that the money you spend will be going to good causes. Everyone is a winner!
  4. Only Buy What You Need To Buy. For many people, Christmas shopping can be a very stressful task. Due to a combination of flashy advertising and a lot of people to think about when shopping, it can be easy to buy much more then we need. The best way to combat this is to plan ahead. Write a list of the things you need and stick to it. This it obviously easier said than done, however you can go one step further by pricing up your list before you go shopping then only take with you the money you need.
  5. Prioritise your Gifts. Christmas will always be a time in which we feel generous. However it is unreasonable to think that everyone on our gift list will get the same level of generosity. It is simply not feasible. When you are shopping on a tight budget, think about who comes first on your list and work backwards.
  6. Don’t go mad with your wrapping. Don’t spend unnecessary money on fancy wrapping paper, bows, bags and gimmicks. By the end of Christmas day, the gift you bought someone will be remembered, but the chances are, how it was wrapped won’t be.
  7. Joint Presents. This tip can link very well with the ‘think outside to box’ tip. Buy one big present for members of your family or friends, rather than individual presents. An example could be a framed family photo or a cool board game for your friends/housemates. This gift not only saves money, it can still be thoughtful and personal to each individual.
  8. It’s not about the price tag. As adults we live in a culture in which price can play a huge part in how we perceive a product. The same cannot be said for children, price is not something a child will look at when writing a wish list to Santa. A child will have just as much fun with a new pack of crayons and a colouring book as a set of high end watercolour paints (and there is less mess!).

All in all, Christmas shopping when money is tight, does not mean you have to cut back on the thoughtful gifts you will buy or make. As long as you stick to a few key rules and values, you will please the people you care about.


  • Sue Phase

    Great blog Jack, I have picked a few tips

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