Top Tips for being Organised.

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I’m organised. I get work done on time, I’m never late coming in or getting home from work and I don’t get bogged down with it. Some people might say ‘you can’t be busy enough then’. Believe me, I am, I’ve just developed the skills that help me prioritise my workload. But, it wasn’t always this way.

Rewind 5 years –  I’m at my desk at university with only 1 day left to do in a 4000-word essay. I don’t even know what to write about. I hated that situation, I didn’t like the stress and panic, and I didn’t like the end result. I was paying the high price of being totally disorganised.

At that point, I knew something had to change. I went online and was flooded with information and people with the same problem as me! I was simply not organised enough. Gradually, research and practice helped me turn my bad habits into good. I learnt to be more organised. And have so far not fallen into that nightmare scenario again.

I’ve learned a lot of different techniques over the last few years that have really helped me become more organised. Here are my top tips to help with organisation.

Keep a Diary (and only one)

A diary is a fantastic way to keep in control of your workload. Although I keep my diary as flexible as possible, I’m always aware of what work needs to be completed and when. Don’t make the mistake of having more than one diary (paper diary and smartphone diary), this can lead to double booking your workload and missing important meetings.

Do similar tasks at the same time

I tend to combine similar activities in my day. For example, I make all my phone calls at the same time, pay bills at the same time, take care of emails at the same time. Doing this can not only save time, it can reduce the risk of small tasks been accidently missed.

Make decisions

Your work space or home can soon become cluttered with things that you’re not sure what to do with. Making decisions on the smaller things such as, whether to organise you papers alphabetically or by subject. Making small decisions like this means its much easier to make decisions on bigger issues within work and your home.

Keep everything in the same place

Life is a lot easier when everything’s where you need it. This can be said for work, home, your car, anything. Organising all your items will save you time, simple. Don’t be afraid to throw away anything you don’t use. This will make things you do use more accessible. Make sure you put everything back in the same place after you have used it.

How to stop pesky distractions

Everybody gets distracted, its natural. The truth is, there’s no easy way to deal with distractions. The best thing to do is to manage them. For example, to stop myself getting distracted with other tasks, I think about the consequences of not completing the task I need to do. Another good thing to do is to reward you for finishing the important tasks.

I hope that you find these tips as useful as I have.


  • Sue Phase

    Great blog Jack, i will take your advice

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