Salvage Row

Our not-for-profit vintage & retro furniture shop & workshop

The first of our Enterprise ventures Salvage Row is a not-for profit vintage & retro furniture shop we have set up in Scunthorpe.

We buy, restore and sell beautiful items of vintage and retro furniture, household items and curiosities. We take on volunteers to help run our shop and restore our furniture. We also aim to sell our pieces at prices for all budgets. Because we’re a social enterprise, everything we make goes back into helping vulnerable young people in the local area.

When you buy from us, your money is re-invested to help local young people receive decent housing. You also fund education and lifestyle classes for young people to help them become fantastic local citizens.

Why have we opened a shop?

The growth of the up cycling market is a natural opportunity for PHASE to build a brand and compete in a growing space.

So many of our young people, volunteers and staff are passionate about beautiful upcycled products that don’t cost the earth.

Helping everyone have a home!

We believe everyone deserves nice things in their home no matter your budget. We’ve spent a long time making sure young people have a place to call home.

But home is more than a reliable TV or washing machine – it’s something nice, something you love, something that makes it home.

Salvage Row aims to provide both the essentials, and the things that help you make a home your own – no matter your budget.

Browse our store or visit us online and you will find a range of household appliances, furniture and essentials. But you’ll also find beautiful vintage, retro and unusual gems that will go perfect beside them.

Fulfilling our social mission

Salvage Row has become a multi-pronged social venture with benefits we keep discovering:

  • Provides commercial revenues that we can re-invest in our social cause.
  • Uses highly distinctive and unique branding to inspire young people
  • Teaches young people new skills from renovation, joinery, retail, digital and more
  • Has a strong environmental impact through extensive furniture recycling reducing landfill
  • Gives the PHASE organisation a direct customer facing outlet to help recruit community support
  • Has attracted a substantial co investment from the local authority to encourage town centre regeneration
  • Allows us to utilise spare floors of the retail outlet for more social housing and increases our asset base
  • Most importantly it inspires our young people and encourages their participation and increases positive out-comes

Our Salvage Row branding

Our branding is distinctive and has become an inspirational brand for our customers and young people who volunteer.

To inspire young people, we have paid close attention to creating a brand that is both aspirational inspirational. We have deliberately steered away from a typical ‘charity shop’ format. Not only has this approach helped inspire our young people it has formed the basis of our external marketing for the brand. We believe everyone deserves something nice in their home regardless of budget.


More information

You can visit the Salvage Row website here

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