We are PHASE 

A Unique Social Enterprise Helping Vulnerable
Young People l
ive Their best Lives

What WE Do

We Provide Housing
& Support Services to Vulnerable Young
People to Help Them
Live Their Best Lives 

PHASE is a unique organisation bringing together local authority, housing, business and volunteers to focus on the needs of vulnerable young people and the wider community.

About Us

We’re a passionate and dedicated team, working in partnership with young people


Community Projects

We re-invest our surplus into supporting our  local economy and wider community


Looking for help?

PHASE is a diverse organisation with a common social mission of helping vulnerable people. Our main work is providing housing and services for vulnerable young people. As well as helping vulnerable people, we also support local business, help others deliver services and provide expertise in many areas. 

Young people

Young people are at the heart of what we do. If you are a young person in need, please contact us via our website, phone, email or on social media and if we can help you we will.

Businesses & Partners

If you’re a business looking to advance your Corporate & Social Responsibility footprint PHASE is looking for partners. From equipment donations to skills exchange we already partner with some dynamic local national organisations to further our social impact.


Local Authorities

PHASE was originally spun out of North Lincolnshire Council in 2014. Since then we have provided award wining services to NLC. We have also advised other local authorities on best practice around all aspects of housing provision and related issues for vulnerable young people. We would love to hear from practitioners in the field, procurements professionals and case-workers who would benefit from our consultancy services.

Landlords & Developers 

Our main business is in housing provision for young people We have over 50 properties from a combination of social, commercial and private landlords. We are always interested to hear from Landlords looking to help us meet our requirements.

A Wealth of experience

PHASE is an award winning organisation recognised by Ofsted as contributing to the ‘Excellent’ overall children’s services provision from North Lincs Council. 

enterprising to the core

Our Community Projects generate employment, revenue and local economic development. Our projects are diverse but have a common social mission, to support local vulnerable young people.

Strong Governance

Headed by an experienced y Executive leadership team with the oversight of a  multipdisciplinary board of directors and advisors, PHASE benefits from strong governance and strategic planning. 

Community Investment

Our investment in our local community goes to the core of our social mission to help young people make a positive start to adult life. From creating jobs protecting th environment, we are committed to investing in our local area. 

Partnering with young people

Everything we do is built around helping vulnerable young people prosper. To do this, they are inlcuded in our business planning, decision making and even designed our logo.  

100% Not for profit

Everything we do gets recycled, including our profits. We’re 100% not-for-profit. Any revenue generated from our community projects is re-invested in our social mission. 

“PHASE has provided me with support and help with moving and living in my new house. I feel very well supported PHASE “

Sarah Johnson

Young Person

“PHASE is a really rewarding place to work. We are 100% commited to our social mission and each day we get to make a positive contribution towards it “

John Smith

PHASE Support Worker

Reaching out to Vulnerable Young People 

Helping Young People Live Their Best Lives

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31 Midland Road,
DN16 1DQ

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