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Helping Vulnerable Young People Live Their Best Lives 

Since 2014

We Create Social Impact

PHASE partners with young people, business, local authority and others to achieve our social mission to give young people a positive start to adult life.

We provide young people with accommodation, life skills, employability training and employment opportunities.

We measure our social impact in many ways.

  • Outcomes for young people
  • Local Regeneration
  • Environmental
  • Economic development
  • Reducing unemployment


 We are PHASE CIC (Pathways, Horizons, Accommodation, Support, Education) these words were the most important for young people, young people created the name PHASE, this is something we are very proud of.

We are a social enterprise with a public service ethos, a “not for profit” organisation, everything we do has a social/environmental impact within North Lincolnshire

We are a Social business that supports vulnerable young people, we have to make a profit, the difference is we invest our profits back into the company, this allows us to grow and improve services for young people. Everything we do has a social/environmental impact and we have great ambitions.


    We support young people to achieve their best lives whatever their circumstances. We provide housing and support for vulnerable young people.

    We also provide services for young people from other countries, we support them to learn the language and integrate into communities and education

    PHASE has our own property services department who look after our housing and teach young people basic DIY skills around the home.

    Our intensive housing management service helps young people to understand their responsibilities when living in the community and helps them build their relationships with other members f the community.



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    We believe every young person deserves respect and support.

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