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Our services are young person-centric and help them achieve the best possible outcomes 

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We Deliver Outcome lead Services for Young People

Impact and outcomes are key for the services we deliver for young people.

We believe that the vulnerable young people we work with are at a critical stage in their life journey where decisions they make can have far-reaching effects. That’s why we design services and offer support that not only delivers vital security and safeguarding but also seeks to help them on the path to a positive adult life ahead.

So whether we are coaching a care leaver from Scunthorpe to manage their finances, or helping an unacompanied child asylum seeker make sense of a new culture, we take the long view of their needs and constantly assess the outcomes we provide.


We provide and manage a broad range of accommodation for vulnerable young people, giving them a place to call home. This includes a specialist location for young parents and their children.

Quality Housing

Our housing stock is sourced from multiple providers and has a high standard of quality to make sure our young people feel pride, comfort, and safety in their homes. 

Fast Response Housing

Sometimes, in a crisis speed of provision is a critical factor in care. We have the flexibility to quickly find suitable places for those most at need. 

Value for Money

Our experience in managing housing setup, voids and maintenance means we maximise our budgets and ensure that we measure the impact of everything we spend.  

Life Skills

We enable positive outcomes for young people by working on developing life skills that help them live more independently.

Life Skills Team

Our fully dedicated team of lifeskills experts is focussed on helping young people live their best lives.

Independent Living

By the time our young people graduate from our care we aim for them to be able to live happy indipendent lives where they can care for themselves and make their own possitive choices. 


Working closely with young people we help them towards an indipendent income and into work. Work is a very important factor indetermining the chances of success for our young people. We also provide our own work and training opportunities through our community projects. 

Young People From Others Countries

In a world of change, it’s sometimes young people who get caught up in troubling situations around the globe. The UK’s commitment to helping unaccompanied child asylum seekers  (UASCs) means the local authorities and their suppliers ust provider accommodation and services for them. We’re proud to work with vulnerable young people who have often experienced additional trauma to help them live their best lives here in the UK. 


We provide accommodation for our international young people. We work with them to make sure they have the essential things they need to make a new home. 


Our international young people have often experienced additional traumas such as war-zones, conflict, and exploitation. They have also often experienced difficulties with long migration routes so require additional help and support. 

Consultancy Services

Our experience and expertise in you people’s services, property management and social business services enable us to advise other organisation on optimising their services and porvision. 

Your People's Services

We’re able to coach, advise and guide on provisniong services for young people. This includes setting achievable out-comes, planning, case management, operational development, and professional services.  

Property Management

We manage over 70 properties catering to a wide variety of requirements for young people. We have well-optimised processes for acquisition, maintenance, void management, and disposal all within a defined budget and management frame-work.  

Business Services

Since our inception, we’ve set up a number of social business projects to support our social mission. It’s enabled us to increase our revenues for re-investment and meant we can expand our footprint in the local area taking in volunteers bring additional benefits to our local community. 


We’re always looking for people to help us achieve our social mission across our wide-ranging community projects

Work for us

PHASE is an open, dynamic and professional organisation and a great place to work. Check out our latest vacancies. 

Our Community projects

From developing our own high-end bespoke hand made furniture brand to offering affordable household items for everyone 

We’re working on a bright future for our young people.

Helping them live their best lives


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